Friday, January 3, 2014

A very LOOOOOOOOONGGGG time not updating my blog..

*Fuhhhh Fuhhhh* (buang segala kotoran dalam blog)
last update is in 2012..
well 2013 pon dah lepas..
banyak jugak kenangan tyme 2013..
why 2014 rajin plak nak update???
well sebab baru teringat aku ada blog..
stupido me..
all the years boleh terlupa about this blog..
sooo what to update ye???
kne ikot calender tahunan 2013 ke???
or just sharing the most memorable memory in 2013??

so what happen all these years to me???
im growing to become a human...
well im getting my single title back..
don't ask coz its too painful..

secondly, im going to graduate!!!..
yeayyyyyyy... April 2014 will be my graduation ceremony..
now i'm in the mood of exam...

okok back to 2013 story,
going crazy with my campaign friends,
hell yeahh i really miss them soooo much..

my first birthday party celebrate by them (Cass, Qamar, Bunga, Wai Quan, Noor, Gee, Yuss, Solihah and others) and the worst part is bad smell of rotten egg and cold water.. how lucky am i to get this from them..
but its the best ever.. ^_^

then they graduate.. T__T'' i left alone..
now its my turn..
living my best crazy friend..
please behave gurl (ASNA)!!.. i'll always support u.. ^_^ 

too many memory i need to 'korek' from my brain..

oh forgot, the worst is when my rumie is not talking with me..
whatever.. i just got 2 weeks more..

well.. GOODBYE 2013, HELLO 2014..
please be nice too me..

sign out now..